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About Us
We Care for You

Welcome to Spring City Health Centre and thank you for the privilege of providing for your health care needs. Our first priority is to provide you and your family with individualized, high quality care. To accomplish this, we strive to find the cause of illness and correct it. Whenever possible, lifestyle changes and natural remedies are encouraged. The traditional pharmaceutical or surgical route of healing is relied upon only in appropriate acute conditions or as a temporary measure while underlying causes are sought and treated. If you and your family are unfamiliar with this approach, please ask us to explain further at your appointment; we will treat you according to your comfort level and your willingness to participate in obtaining and maintaining optimal health.

Office Visits and Phone Consults are Available
Our Aim

Patients in our office are here for varied reasons. Dr. Toth has been practicing Family Medicine for 15 years while considering certification by the International Board of Environmental Medicine since 1997 and has patients who may travel some distance for their appointments. Whether you and your family are long time primary care patients or first time patients here for consultation on a complicated illness, we will strive to provide individualized, cause-related care, which is cost-effective and often truly curative and preventative.

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PHONE: 262-547-3055
FAX: 262-547-2129

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    MONDAY FRIDAY 7:30 am 4:30 pm
        WEDNESDAY 7:30 am - 2:00 pm

Fragrance Free Office

Since a number of our patients are sensitive to various chemicals and fragrances, we require that all our patients respect our FRAGRANCE FREE facility. This includes perfumes, colognes, tobacco smoke and workplace odors or dust. If you are unsure about a particular visit, please call ahead and we will meet you in the lobby.