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Payment Policy & Insurance Filings
Live Healthily

Spring City Health Centre strives to provide high quality, personalized care to each and every patient. To do this at a reasonable cost, we prefer that payment be made at the time of service. Those patients cooperating with this policy can receive discounts on professional fees since overhead expense and delay in payment is avoided. Although we will continue to file insurance claims for patients, filing those claims and waiting for payment from insurance companies increases the cost of providing care.

Discounts may be Available for Payments Made at Time of Service
Medicare & Medicaid

We have opted out of the Medicare program but are happy to see patients eligible for Medicare without the risks and onerous requirements of that system. A private contract (at reduced fees) outside the Medicare program will need to be completed. Please call us if you have questions.

Spring City Health Centre does not participate in the state sponsored Medicaid program.

Insurance Claims

At a minimum, we expect that patients know how their own insurance operates. This includes preferred locations for blood work or other tests, as well as financial matters. Written contact to insurance companies above the usual office notes will be provided at a nominal fee to the patient, if excessive.

If a deductible has not been met, we request that payment to that limit is made. If co-insurance or co-pay is applicable, the portion of the charges for which the patient is responsible is due at the time of service (usually $10 to 50% of charges.)

You will receive a monthly statement from our office, even though insurance has been filed. You are expected to pay for services received in a timely fashion, defined as 45 days. We cannot accept the responsibility to collect disputed insurance claims. Disputed claims invariably require sending of records to the insurance company for review. We reserve the right to bill the patient for this service if it becomes excessive. The patient has a right to their own record or that of their dependents. By request, one copy of a patient chart will be made at our expense, allowing for patient submission of records to their insurance company. Additional copies will be provided at a cost of $.75 per page.

Non-covered Services

Some insurance companies may, at times, deem our approach to resolving illness and treating disease “non-covered” or “experimental”. This is merely an expression of the insurance industry’s inability to keep up with advancing medical knowledge and the industry’s unwillingness to deviate from the established, “cookbook” approach to care. Many of our patients have tried that approach and found it to be unhelpful. It is our sincere commitment to the patient and to their well-being that dictates our method of treatment for an individual. Most of the time, insurance will pay for part or all services received.

Financial Responsibility

We require that all patients, or their guardians, be financially responsible for services not covered by their insurance company. This is an important aspect and commitment to the doctor-patient relationship. In all instances, deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance are the responsibility of the patient. A call to the insurance company with our tax identification number will clarify most insurance issues since contract terms can change without notice to the patient. That notification is the responsibility of the insurance company.