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Our Approach
Changes in Lifestyle

Our approach to care relies on an accurate and appropriately detailed history, a trusting doctor-patient relationship, and patients who are interested in obtaining and maintaining optimal health. This often means that you or your family member may have to make lifestyle changes to improve the overall state of well-being.

Office Visits and Phone Consults are Available
Patient Expectations

As in any medical office, the appointment schedule is the backbone for the staff and physicians. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, we would greatly appreciate the courtesy of a phone call as early as possible. We reserve the right to add a $50 charge to your account for missed appointments or those canceled less than 24 hours in advance. Appointments for initial evaluation are scheduled for one hour and a charge of $100 will be billed if this type of appointment is missed or cancelled too late as above.

You may find that your scheduled appointment time is delayed as we care for another patientís difficult condition. We ask that you be patient with us and be assured that you will be given the needed attention when indicated. Please feel free to call ahead of your appointment to minimize your waiting time. A deliberate attempt at efficient use of time is always appreciated; this begins with the initial request for an appointment. Please give the receptionist an estimate of the time needed for your appointment; we schedule in 20-minute increments. A list of concerns for the doctor is another good example. Minimizing non care-related discussion is also helpful during the appointment. It is also important that any paperwork is completed and returned to us prior to your appointment.

Fragrance Free Office

Since a number of our patients are sensitive to various chemicals and fragrances, we require that all our patients respect our FRAGRANCE FREE facility. This includes perfumes, colognes, tobacco smoke and workplace odors or dust. If you are unsure about a particular visit, please call ahead and we will meet you in the lobby.